Medicare South Carolina

Medicare Advantage Plans or part C plans in South Carolina covers all the hospital and medical services
You must be subscribed to Medicare parts A and B for enrolling for the Medicaid supplement plan
Medicare prescription drug plans give various insurance coverage to the generic and prescription medicines.
Medicaid is for the low income group people who otherwise may not have had the privilege to seek medical care.
Part D prescription drug coverage of Medicare provides financing for medications and drugs
South Carolina provides Medicare savings programs for qualified individuals, to help reduce their expenses.

Medicare News

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  • Savings programs

    Three Medicare Savings Programs are provided by South Carolina
  • Children’sHealth Care

    Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program offer no-cost or a low-cost health care benefits for qualified children
  • Low-Income Subsidy Program

    This program provides a subsidy for the recipients of Part D having income under $13,070
  • Annual Wellness Visits

    The wellness visit is a one-time examination of your health and it also provides counseling about various health care services
  • Counseling for Tobacco Use Cessation

    If you have been diagnosed with an illness related to tobacco earlier, then deductibles and coinsurance applies
  • Cancer Screening

    Your Part B plan covers the pelvic exams and Pap smear tests, for every 24 months for all women

South Carolina Medigap Plans

South Carolina Medigap plans help in paying some costs of health care